Black shine anti-aging hair serum

Net Weight 30 ml.

Revive black shine anti-aging hair serum welcomes the biomimetic peptide activator technology that provides the compositions of excipients and antioxidants, responsible for retaining its natural color, reducing hair loss for thicker pigmented hair and preventing greasy appearance.

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α-MSH biomimetic peptide
proven technology by LucusMeyer Cosmetic from Canada that works holistically to retain the natural color. It also promotes pigment regenerating and delivering from follicles to cortex.

Milk Protein
containing bioactive signaling protein moisturizes damaged hair and scalp to be healthier.

Black pigment extracts from 6 natural unique sources
from black crowberry, black olive, black phellinus, Linteus, black ginseng, black tea and black elderberry. Packed with minerals and vitamin a and e, the composition is full of benefits that your hair can embrace without a touch of harmful chemicals. Because of this natural complex, it is flooded with antioxidants, responsible for discouraging the excessive loss of moisture and acting as a natural, effective conditioner for healthy scalp and beautiful hair.

Rosebay extract
Abundant with OENOTHEIN B that nurtures healthy scalp, combats oily scalp and greasy hair, and provides balanced treatment for youthful appearance.

Henna leaf extract
A natural dye agent that nourishes and protects hair from harmful uv radiations.

Natural oils – from babassu, pracaxi and alpha bisabolol
That protect your hair from split ends, fraying looking and dryness caused by excessive heat and UV exposures.

Loquat leaf extract
Full of corosolic acid that boosts hair thickness. As found in the traditional Japanese herbal tea made from fresh loquat leaf – it is said to discourage premature aging hair and giving back natural color.

Directions : on towel-dried hair after washing, apply and massage the serum thoroughly

Into the scalp and through the lengths of your hair. Use once a day without rinsing.